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  Provisional director:    Lukas A. Huber, M.D., Professor, Director of the Innsbruck Biocenter
  Professor emeritus:         Georg Wick, M.D., Professor,  former President of the Austrian Research Fund, FWF
  Deputy director:              Roswitha Sgonc, M.Sc., Ph.D., Professor
  formerly:                        Institute of Pathophysiology, formerly Institute of General and Experimental Pathology, 
  as of January 2005,         this institute became one of the "Divisions" ("Sektionen") within the Dept. BIOCENTER;

        History, Overview
        Working Groups:         Georg Wick, Emeritus Professor         Roswitha Sgonc         Siegfried Schwarz (retired)         Links to Medical Data Bases
                   All Publications from this Division with authors Schwarz-S or Sgonc-R or Wick-G (via Pubmed search)

        Innsbruck Medical University
        University of Innsbruck
        Department Biocenter of the Medical University Innsbruck         Institute of Pathophysiology, University Vienna         Institute of Pathophysiology, University Graz         Austrian Research Fund

   Division of Experimental Pathophysiology & Immunology
   Department Biocenter
   Innsbruck Medical University    CCB Center for Chemistry & Biomedicine Innrain 80-82, 6020 Innsbruck/Austria    phone: +43 (0)512-9003.70964; fax: +43 (0)512-9003.73960; e-mail
   Please contact Ms. Ilona Lengenfelder, room M.01.440, phone # as above, in organizational matters like students affairs
   or delivery of mail and parcels relating to this Division.
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