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October 2009

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11th of November 2009 to
18th of January 2010

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Trends in Optical Micromanipulation II

Universitätszentrum Obergurgl

11. - 16. 4. 2010

Scientific program

  • Talks:

  • Program 2010 is available here (pdf).

  • Posters:

  • Begue Aurélien France Spatiotemporal Control of Neuronal Activity by Holographic Photoactivation Patterns.
    Bolognesi Guido


    High-Resolution Video Tracking Using Parallel Digital Holographic Microscopy
    Bowman Richard UK
    3D Vision, Force Feedback and Trap Shaping in Holographic Optical Tweezers
    Brunner Claudia Germany Origin and Spatial Distribution of Forces in Motile Cells
    Carberry David Uk Using holographic optical tweezers to measure forces with SPM-like probes
    Cizmar Tomas UK Tandem system of holographic and time-sharing laser beam actuation for optical micromanipulation
    Curran Arran UK Hydrodynamics of Optically Trapped Micro-Networks in Real Time
    Engström David Sweden
    Optical Manipulation of Nanorods in Liquid Crystals
    Euser Tijmen Germany Review of progress on particle guidance in hollow-core PCF
    Fábián László Hungary Fast Integrated Optical Switching by the Protein Bacteriorhodopsin
    Farre Arnau Spain Force Detection Method for Single-beam-gradient traps based on the measurement of light momentum change
    Gornall Jo UK High-speed Video-based Tracking of Optically Trapped Colloids
    Granqvist Anna Sweden Probing the endothelial cell surface layer (glycocalyx) with optical tweezers
    Hamngren Charlotte Sweden Inhibition with Precision - A Novel Study of the HOG Pathway by Single Cell Analysis
    Hanhijärvi Kalle Finland Simultaneous optical trapping and single molecule fluorescence for the study of DNA polymerization
    Jákl Petr


    Behaviour of particles illuminated by optical lattices with hexagonal symmetry
    Jesacher Alexander Austria Adaptive Optics in Harmonic Generation Microscopy
    Karasek Vitezslav CZ Uncovering Optical Binding Effects by the use of the CDM
    Kaczmarek Malgosia UK Optically Addressed Liquid Crystals with Inorganic Nanoparticles
    Martin  Henry UK Optical tweezing of colloid polymer mixtures
    Mathew Manoj Sweden A Multimodal Optical Workstation for Imaging Nanosurgery Dynamics
    Mas Soler Josep Spain Evaluating the efficiency of the random mask algorithm in holographic optical tweezers by stiffness video-calibration
    McCloin David UK Building blocks for studying ice nucleation with optical tweezers
    McNerney  HGregory P. USA Initiating immune cell interactions for HIV transmission studies using optical tweezers
    Molodtsov Maxim Russia Force with which the depolymerizing microtubule pushes on a microbead in optical trapping experiment depends on its diameter.
    Monajrembashi Shamci Germany Determination of response of calcium antagonists on human endothelial cells using laser based EMFA Technique as a tool for blood pressure simulation in vitro
    Neves Antonio Italy Rotation of Single Polymeric Nanofibers with Optical Tweezers
    Ojala Heikki Finland Active Force Clamp Control of Optical Tweezers
    Persson Martin Sweden Increasing Stability of Trap Stiffness in Dynamically Controlled Holographic Optical Tweezers for OFM Applications
    Phillips Dave UK Automated construction of photonic crystal templates using holographic optical tweezers
    Poberaj Igor Slovenia Study of Biofilm Development with Active Laser Tweezers Microrheometry
    Preece Daryl UK Wideband Microrheology in Optical Tweezers
    Reichhardt Charles USA Crowding and Jamming of Particles Moving in Optical Trap Arrays
    Smedh Maria Sweden CellStress – an open source image-analysis software for single-cell analysis
    Sonnleitner Matthias Austria
    Optomechanics in Extended Objects
    Sott Kristin Sweden Growth and Division of Budding Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) After Exposure to Optical Tweezers using 1070nm IR-laser
    Tauro Sandeep Denmark BioPhotonics Workstation supporting 3D joystick-control of microplatforms with nano-tools
    Trojek Jan CZ Optimization of Object Shape to Achieve Extremal Axial Optical Force in Standing Wave
    Volke-Sepúlveda Karen Mexico Comparative Study between Optical and Acoustical Trapping
    Wereley Steven USA Rapid and Dynamic Multiscale Manipulation based on a Hybrid Optoelectric Device
    Ziedaite Gabija Finland DNA Polymerization in Optical Tweezers
    Zwick Susanne Germany
    Trap-Engineering with Holographic Optical Tweezers

    Program 2007 is available here.