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October 2009

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11th of November 2009 to
18th of January 2010

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15th of March 2010


Trends in Optical Micromanipulation II

Universitätszentrum Obergurgl

11. - 16. 4. 2010


  • We have the following aims in mind for the conference:

To bring together the major trend-setters and the most promising young researchers in the field, in an environment with better opportunities for scientific discussion than typically possible at large scale conferences.

To be a platform for exchanging views and sharing experience in the challenging goal to bridge the gap towards applications in biology and other disciplines or to intensify and strengthen such existing links, respectively.

Topics will inlude:

Trapping Techniques: designs of optical traps, force calibration techniques, quantitative measurements of forces and spring constants.

Biological Applications: investigations of DNA, RNA, molecular motors and other biomolecules, applications of laser micro-beams.

Diffractive Tweezers: holographic tweezers, spatial light modulators, trapping arrays, size-selective trapping

Assembly and Micro-Fluidics: optical binding, self-assembly of colloidal particles, optical sorting, nano-cages.

Special Modes: orbital angular momentum of light, optical doughnuts, Bessel beams.

Related Fields:
We are planning to accompany the topics on Optical Micromanipulation by selected “side glances” to other areas that might be stimulating to the community.